Newbridge Telecom Solutions

Newbridge partners with its customers to identify and design the appropriate workforce solution for their organization. We are focused on the individual needs of our clients and work closely with them to understand their business. In today's global marketplace, businesses must increase productivity, improve efficiency, and outperform the competition. Newbridge enables its clients to focus on their core competencies while improving operational effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

The Newbridge team continues to distinguish itself by delivering strategic and customer focused solutions. Our team of professionals have more than 20 years of experience in managing call centers around the world. After a history of intense call center consultation the Newbridge team discovered an opportunity to create a new advanced Virtual Call Center Technology.

Newbridge designed a flexible model that eliminates the traditional equipment based model. With Newbridge's virtual technology call centers now have the opportunity to eliminate high overhead costs, equipment expenses and offer flexibility to change as their business' needs fluctuate.

Newbridge offers a variety of workforce deployment platforms, home-based, site-based or a combination. We distinguish ourselves in the call center market by offering a collaborative training and development program. We qualify and certify our "Green" home-based agents. Newbridge provides IT set-up and ongoing support for our eco friendly workforce. Our solutions are adaptable for a range of workforce applications, big or small. Newbridge focuses on its clients' particular needs and works closely to develop solutions for their specific applications. Our clients represent a variety of industries including universities, government, service, travel, telecommunications and healthcare.

The beauty of the Newbridge team is our ability to craft a solution that aligns with each company's vision and goals. Our platform allows Newbridge to quickly and easily deploy a high-performing client service team with minimal investment, rapid deployment, and the highest quality service.

Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce Since 1888, the Chamber has worked to help its members stay informed, connected and prosperous. The Chamber helps you find smart partnerships that help you manage costs and have a healthier bottom line. Elected officials make decisions daily that affect our business community. Our Public Affairs team works to ensure the voice of business is heard.

North American Customer Service Management Association (NACSMA) is a professional, non-profit, no membership fee assocation whose members represent customer contact organizations and the vendors who support them. Our membership consists of organizations of all sizes, from a variety of industries including healthcare, financial, BPO, legal, and technology.