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Use our Chat Platform to add real time chat capability to your company web site. Put a chat icon on one or more pages and configure each with a targeted set of behaviors, customize to the web page’s content, your business need, and view the real-time status of your agent chat queue.

Newbridge offers our clients a comprehensive Cloud Service Center Solution with Inbound, Outbound, Blended, IVR, CRM and Payroll integration solutions. Newbridge melds managed customer experience solutions with the benefits of our state-of-the-art, customized technology.

How effective does your organization need to be and what client satisfaction rate is expected? Let Newbridge support your client service requirements and take your client service to the next level!

Newbridge Enterprise Chat Platform

  • Skill based routing, so their chat request routes to the available agent best suited for their need
  • Send automatic messages to your client’s chat window while they wait for an agent to connect. Create as many messages as you like. Each message appears for the length of time you specify.
  • Create different messages for different situations, such as when the chat queue is long. Your customers are more likely to wait for an available chat agent if they know what is happening and feel confident you are handling their chat request.
  • Configure the system to automatically requeue in certain situations, such as when a chat queue is too long, or when a particular chat queue is closed.
  • Let agents manually requeue if they determine a different agent would better serve a customer, or if a client has another need best served by another agent. When requeueing, the agent can transfer an associated script or survey as well.
  • Route each chat request to the most qualified available agent. Identify the skills agents must have in order to log on to a chat queue. Select the option for order based routing if you also want to prioritize the skills. With order based routing, the system dequeues each chat request to the available agent with the highest ranking skills.
  • Provide agents with an online script or survey customized for each chat queue. This helps agents remember details, and provides an organized way to capture reportable customer contact data. Scripts and surveys help to standardize your chat client’s experience, agent to agent. We provide a robust scripting tool, or you can upload an externally created script.
  • Brand the chat icon with your company name, welcome message, and company logo. We provide the chat window. You make it yours.
  • Require customers to enter contact info, such as their name, address, email and/or telephone number when initiating a chat. This information is then visible to the agent who handles the chat session. If the chat customer enters their phone number while initiating a chat session, the agent can click the phone number on their screen to convert the chat to a telephone call.
  • Configure a unique schedule for each queue. Provide a different schedule for each day of the week and for as many exception days as you need. Create custom chat queue events for each exception day.
  • Configure the possible dispositions chat agents can select to complete a chat session. You can configure the system to trigger other events when an agent selects a disposition, such as an automatically requeueing to another agent, sending a message to the customer, sending an email to someone with a “need to know”, even streaming data to another web-based system.
  • Get regular disposition reports showing which chats were successful and which are complete.
  • Create quick text snippets your agents can select instead of entering common phrases keystroke by keystroke.
  • The use of online scripts or surveys to minimize training requirements, build confidence, capture reportable contact data, and standardize your client’s experience.
  • Click to call if a chat customer enters their phone number when initiating a chat session, the phone number appears on the agent screen while the agent is engaged in the chat. Should the agent decide to convert the chat to a phone call, the agent only has to click the phone number already supplied by the customer. If a chat customer does not supply a telephone number and the agent wants to convert the chat to a call, the agent can still do so by invoking the manual dialer, Phone>Make Manual Outbound Call, and keying in the customer’s telephone number.
  • Custom messages tailored to the web page where they initiated the chat request and the current status of the queue. Clients are not left guessing if an agent does not immediately connect.


  • Skills Based Chat/Call Routing - Find the best agent for the inbound service center job quickly and efficiently, or route to less overflow agents to reduce queue wait times.
  • Flexible Messaging - Have your inbound phone callers listen to custom audio and pre-recorded messages while waiting in queue.
  • Exception Handling - Handle special conditions such as: No Agents, Too Many Calls In-Queue, Out of Hours (Closed), Throttling (chatter called too many times), etc.
  • Chat Report Platform - Ensure that your team is meeting metric requirements and quailty standards by utilizing our extensive reporting platform.
  • CRM Integration - Our system can communicate with any number of HTTP enabled CRM packages. If you have a proprietary CRM or one which doesn't have HTTP support, we will gladly work with you to develop a tightly integrated chat center solution.
  • Custom Scripting - Create custom dynamic scripts to guide your agents through chat processing. Capture and store data to associate with the inbound chats.
  • Real Time Web Service Data Transfers - If you need your chat center data in real-time, our system can stream data synchronously via any standard SOAP interface allowing your systems to know about your inbound phone call the minute it happens.

Industry Applications

  • Direct Marketing
  • Online Sales Management
  • Technical Sales Support
  • Sales Support
  • Medical Industry Service Plan Support
  • Customer Service Inbound Support


  • All Major Website Applications
  • HTML 5
  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • Joomla