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CRM Integration

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Inbound Customer Service Organizations can drive greater satisfaction and reduce costs with a powerful Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform. Common questions and standard processes can easily be handled by a robust IVR solution either customized for your needs or standardized for basic calling requirements. The Newbridge best practices approach to IVR development provides for guiding callers according to predetermined options and call tones. For more complex IVR requirements, we offer full service IVR programming, allowing for the development of a complex IVR interface ensuring it matches your customer service goals.

The Newbridge IVR Platform is a full featured, drag and drop IVR builder. It’s simple enough for anyone to use, with powerful coding features available to development experts to create even the most complex interactive IVR's. The Newbridge Team has decades of hands-on IVR creation, development, and management experience and has helped guide organizations in the Banking, BPO, Service, Collections and Help Desk industries. The Newbridge IVR Platform provides the best telephony solution to your customers with an easy Drag-and-Drop interface.

Drag and Drop creation – Ease of Use

Speech Enabled

Scripting injection – allows programmers to achieve complex methods

Automated API consumption – connect the IVR to external data sources easily

Post call emails showing full path of a call, for error location

Robust integrations with 3rd party systems

Create complex business logic with custom JavaScript

Newbridge offers our clients a comprehensive Cloud Service Center Solution with Inbound, Outbound, Blended, IVR, CRM and Payroll integration solutions. Newbridge melds managed customer experience solutions with the benefits of our state-of-the-art, customized technology.

How effective does your organization need to be and what client satisfaction rate is expected? Let Newbridge support your client service requirements and take your client service to the next level!

Customized Service Application Benefits

  • Flexible IVR route map enables dynamically IVR creation using our intuitive interface.
  • Full Enterprise Level IVR with API and dynamic API interface
  • Fully integrated IVR with our Inbound, Outbound and Chat Features
  • Custom Scheduling Configure multiple open/close times on a per queue basis.
  • Real Time SOAP/Web Service Data Transfers If you need your data truly in real-time, our system can stream data synchronously via any standard SOAP interface, allowing your systems to know about your call the minute it happens.
  • IVR Platform Call Recording
  • Realtime IVR Platform Call Monitoring

Newbridge Advantage

  • Our team has over 20 years experience in IVR development
  • We work with each client to ensure the IVR design is utilizing Best-In-Class routing methods
  • COOP and DR Platform connective to ensure uptime
  • Secure and Encryption of data
  • Able to utilize hundreds of API connections
  • Handles muliple call center application interfaces
  • Able to route call traffic to multiple sites utilizing diverse equipment
  • Detailed and extensive traffic reporting


  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare Programs
  • Direct Marketing
  • Online Sales Management
  • Technical Sales Support
  • Sales Support
  • Medical Industry Service Plan Support
  • Customer Service Inbound Support


  • HTML based CRM's, EMR's, and ERP's
  • Help Desk Ticketing Platforms
  • Healthcare Industry HTML Platforms
  • Direct Marketing Platforms
  • Service Company Customer Management Platforms
  • Appointment Scheduling Platforms
  • Collection Platforms
  • Mortgage Servicing Platforms