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Call Center Direct Dialing Newbridge provides a flexible agent call routing platform to support both Inbound and Outbound traffic within your Service Center organization. In many cases agents and clients must schedule follow-up discussions to ensure affective communication of product support and services.

The Newbridge platform enables service center organizations to effectively route inbound and outbound traffic between the agent and customer with detailed reporting metrics to properly manage the agent teams.

Send the caller to the agent’s voice mail if the agent does not accept the call within the allotted wait time. Customers can leave voice mail if your call center is closed or the queue gets too long.

Configure the system to automatically email customer voice mails to one or more email addresses. These features make call backs easier and help you provide a timely response to your customer’s needs

Configure the number of seconds to wait for the agent to connect. If the agent does not connect before this time elapses, the system will either end the call or send the caller to the agent’s voice mail. If no wait time is entered, the system will wait the default time, which is 30 seconds or a customize agent audio message can be implemented.

A customize agent audio greeting message can be implemented. This audio file will play if the agent puts the caller on hold. Optionally select custom looping audio files from the Audio Library. These files will play one after the other in the order selected until the call connects to the agent.


teamwork How effective does your organization need to be and what client satisfaction rate is expected? Let Newbridge support your client service requirements and take your client service to the next level!