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Contact Solutions from Newbridge allows your Service Center organization to leverage Fortune 100 Technology, Management, and Staff. In today’s global marketplace, businesses are looking for ways to economically increase productivity, improve efficiency and out perform their competition.

The Newbridge Service Center Platform provides an Enterprise Level workforce optimization solution which includes workforce management, payroll shrinkage management, quality monitoring tools, analytics, and performance management. Service centers will start improving service levels and reducing center costs without the upfront expenses and IT requirements of traditional workforce software.

Newbridge provides the required customer experience and optimizes operating costs for service center organizations. Every service center team is required to achieve optimal agent coverage with the fewest possible resources while achieving key performance indicator (KPI) goals. Managing both your agent team and your customers requires enterprise level workforce automation tools from Newbridge.

Enterprise service centers with multiple location and at-home agents require accurate forecasting and scheduling tools. By utilizing the Newbridge Service Center Platform real-time data organizations can better align resource needs and calling patterns to keep your labor costs to a minimum.

How effective does your organization need to be and what client satisfaction rate is expected? Let Newbridge support your client service requirements and take your client service to the next level!


  • Run simulations to calculate a precise forecast for future call volume, agent requirements and average handle time for any time interval of the day, based on historical data from ACD.
  • Advanced scheduling engine incorporates all call types and other activities to generate staffing schedules that optimize a wide range of factors, including agent availability, work rules, skills, holidays, breaks, service levels and center budgets
  • A graphical display of agents' schedules can be manipulated by dragging and dropping breaks, lunches and other exceptions. Real-time updates can be made to required and assigned agents instantly, and display surpluses and shortages for each time period of the day.
  • The integrated exception calendar simplifies scheduling of agent exceptions such as time off and one-time or recurring training meetings.
  • Compares planned agent activity to actual activities throughout the day, as well as real-time views of forecasted and actual call volumes, handle times and other key performance indicators.
  • Build an unlimited number of center splits or agent groups, each with its own set of service objectives and guidelines. Manage multiple sites and time zones. Set hours of operation by day of week, and service level goals down to 15-minute intervals if desired.
  • Report and analyze all agent activities including their schedule adherence and key performance indicators. Managers can review service level results, costs and revenue.
  • Integrated Payroll System for Time-And-Attendance
  • One Screen agent time Clock login
  • Evolution Dialers provide the cutting edge functionality

Newbridge Advantage

  • Lower unplanned absenteeism rates
  • Lower exposure to unnecessary overtime due to absenteeism
  • Identify absenteeism trends or track via Points System
  • Complete vacation and off-time scheduling
  • Staffing forecasting to reduce payroll expenses
  • Service Level forecasting and planning


  • Customer Service Organizations
  • Inside Sales Organizations
  • Collection Departments
  • Help Desk Organizations
  • Direct Marketing Teams
  • Healthcare Service Organizations


  • All Major HTTP Platforms
  • Monet Workforce Management Solutions
  • IOI Payroll Solutions
  • PayDay Payroll Solutions
  • NetSuite