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Inbound Customer Service

Contact Solutions from Newbridge allows your Service Center organization to leverage Fortune 100 Technology, Management, and Staff. In today’s global marketplace, businesses are looking for ways to economically increase productivity, improve efficiency and out perform their competition.

Newbridge offers our clients a comprehensive Cloud Service Center Solution:

Inbound Platform with true ACD routing

Outbound Platform with Four dialing modes

Integration with Workforce Management Scheduling Platform

Blended Call/Chat Platform with true ACD routing

IVR Enterprise Platform

CRM Integration

Payroll Integration Solutions

Newbridge melds managed customer experience solutions with the benefits of our state-of-the-art, customized technology.

How effective does your organization need to be and what client satisfaction rate is expected? Let Newbridge support your client service requirements and take your client service to the next level!

Inbound Service Center Platform

  • DID (direct inbound dial), Toll-Free, or pure Digital Voice termination
  • Skills Based Call and Chat Routing - Find the best agent for the inbound call center job quickly and efficiently, or route to less overflow agents to reduce queue wait times.
  • Flexible Messaging - Have your inbound phone callers listen to custom audio and pre-recorded messages while waiting in queue.
  • Call Recording - Record all your inbound phone calls to ensure the highest levels of quality.
  • Real Time Reverse Match - Know the name and address of the caller before a call is presented to a call center agent.
  • Geo-Spatial Routing - Route your inbound phone calls, based on the physical location of the caller.
  • DNIS Based Call Queues - Configure routing rules by DNIS or place multiple DNIS (dialed number information system) into a group to be handled in a similar fashion.
  • Exception Handling - Handle special conditions such as: No Agents, Too Many Calls In-Queue, Out of Hours (Closed), Throttling (caller called too many times), etc.
  • Direct Agent Dialing - Assign your agents extensions and allow inbound callers to reach a specific call center agent by a predetermined extension number.
  • DTMF/Touchtone Queue Events - Allow your callers to enter touchtones to make choices while sitting in queue. Send to IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Voicemail, schedule a call-back, etc.
  • Third Party Transfers - Send calls to a third party DID or Toll-Free at any point in a call's life-cycle.
  • IVR-Interactive Voice Response - If the required functionality can't be handled by the Queue Flow routing engine, we can pass control to an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application to provide additional functionality. Custom IVR applications can be developed quickly and easily.
  • CRM Integration - Our system can communicate with any number of HTTP enabled CRM packages. If you have a proprietary CRM or one which doesn't have HTTP support, we will gladly work with you to develop a tightly integrated call center solution.
  • Custom Scripting - Create custom dynamic scripts to guide your agents through call and chat processing. Capture and store data to associate with the inbound phone call or chats.
  • Real Time Web Service Data Transfers - If you need your call or chat center data in real-time, our system can stream data synchronously via any standard SOAP interface allowing your systems to know about your inbound phone call the minute it happens.

Newbridge Advantage

  • Enable Return Call Features and Functionality
  • Manage dialing to ensure effective contact rates and high contact satisfaction results
  • Integrated Enterprises IVR Platform
  • Provide the ability to rapidly contact thousands of contacts in minutes
  • Provide a customized message by contact
  • Filter contacts by sixteen different data points
  • Auto Schedule campaigns
  • Return calls receive the same message or information provided on the outbound campaign
  • Customized Greeting, Prompting, Routing and Messaging


  • Customer Service Organizations
  • Inside Sales Organizations
  • Collection Departments
  • Help Desk Organizations
  • Direct Marketing Teams
  • Healthcare Service Organizations


  • HTML based CRM's, EMR's, and ERP's
  • Help Desk Ticketing Platforms
  • Healthcare Industry HTML Platforms
  • Direct Marketing Platforms
  • Service Company Customer Management Platforms
  • Appointment Scheduling Platforms
  • Collection Platforms
  • Mortgage Servicing Platforms