Newbridge Telecom Solutions

Newbridge was selected by an online magazine for managed services. Independent contact center consultants received a trial account of the Newbridge Call Center platform and tested the platform for a two week period and wrote their unbiased reviews. The reviews are now available for your perusal below.

Synergy Vision Partners
Steve Earle
Synergy Vision Partners is a technology focused company dedicated to providing leading edge solutions to worldwide businesses in strategic management, collaboration, call and data center deployments and virtual infrastructure implementations.
Combining focused expertise, customer-driven innovation, and platform independence, SVP provides a comprehensive portfolio of software and hardware solutions including consulting, call center management, sales and support.
Over many years I have worked with a broad range of telephone systems from all of the major providers with a wide variety of technologies. Lately most of the technology advances have been in the VoIP based platforms typically delivered by Avaya and Nortel for the Call & Support Centers I have been involved with and built internationally. These platforms tend to be very expensive to implement and maintain and any changes or additions require extensive long range planning and execution to have any chance of getting them right and on time. Invariably in building or expanding a call center they were the “long pole in the tent” i.e. the longest lead time requirement along with circuit acquisition. Another critical element of these systems is the ability to provide meaningful information of call activities to clients via reports or connections to a database for WFM & other ancillary services. It is from this thought, this set of experiences, that I reviewed the Newbridge platform. Would I implement it in call center or distributed enterprise solutions model or stick with the “big steel” approach of other vendors? Well, after reviewing the product and the management console I came away with a resounding YES to all of my questions, this product is the real deal. Many of the solutions I have been asked to provide of late would be cost prohibitive on older architecture platforms which are pretty inflexible when it comes to both standard and non standard environments. Add in the potentially dynamic nature and growth of these environments and the separation between the 2 grows. The NEWBRIDGE platform offers many built in features that might require additional applications to be accomplished on other platforms such as IVR and Integrated call reporting, campaign management and many others. In addition it can be expanded quickly without all of the costly components associated with the other competitors from the old school models as well as those in the CaaS arena. Integration with a variety of WFM environments would seem to be available and relatively easy to accommodate The user console is very intuitive and setting up different functions is easy and the impact is immediate not delayed. All the functions are well documented and follow standard practices so training for administrators is not needed as line managers will be quite capable of performing most tasks. An HTML interface is provided to allow for communication withy legacy applications such as a CRM, ERP or other application to provide real time data flow expediting corporate decision making processes. I can see where the interface specifically between the CRM and this environment would provide critical call disposition information providing a complete view of call metrics not easily available in other applications without significant cost and integration time. I look forward to exploring this environment in greater detail but at this time Synergy Vision Partners have selected Newbridge and their product as our go forward partner in solutions we provide to our clients.

Customer Solutions and Contact Center Leader
Cindi Cunningham

As a call center leader, I’ve had the privilege of leading medium to large, Inbound and Outbound, customer contact centers worldwide. Previously, my team and I built one of the largest virtual operations for individual hotel customers. Most recently, I ran a call center operation where over 50% of the employee base worked from home. Times are changing and employees desire the flexibility that working from home provides them. No traffic-snarled travel/commute time, expense of gasoline, time away from family etc. We found that we often attracted a higher skilled employee as many had fulltime careers and opted to work for us on a part time basis. Allowing them to work from home gave them the flexibility to do so and we derived the benefit! Regardless of the company requiring customer contact activity, we each seek the most economical ways to run and support our businesses. It becomes quite expensive to purchase hardware and software and maintain staff on hand for 24×7 technical support. New versions are constantly being released for additional cost and capital expenditures fill our budgets! I found it simple and easy to use as well as affordable! The flexibility lends itself beautifully to supporting the variety of call center environments that exists today especially if companies experience seasonality in their business model and have a need to expand and contract from time to time. It was easy to establish parameters of desired phone activity and I like the fact that a company can easily change/modify those parameters on a case by case basis as their campaigns or clients change. I personally like to “inspect what I expect” and found metrics identification readily at my fingertips via the Newbridge platform solution. Key areas that I require, and are already provided: -Securing productive calling activity on a campaign or agent basis -Service level metrics -Agent availability -Totals as well as Averages I would most definitely recommend the Newbridge Platform to any company seeking a Virtual Call Center platform!

Enterprise Telemetry, Inc (ETI)
Chris Vitek

Currently, Chris Vitek is President of Enterprise Telemetry, Inc (ETI). Mr. Vitek has worked as a consultant in hundreds of contact centers. ETI specializes in contact center consulting services and also owns patent rights to several unique workforce management technologies that bring the precision of contact center reporting to back-office operations. ”If you can believe the pundits there is a movement towards communications as a service (CaaS) that represents one of the few bright spots in the economy.DMG Consulting recently published their “Hosted Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report” and they claim a 30% increase in the CaaS, ACD market in 2009 and a 35% increase in 2010. Combine this with the fact that either the Nortel or the Avaya installed-base of ACDs is about to become obsolete (my bet is on the survival of the Avaya systems) and you can expect a lot of customers to be looking at alternatives. In this environment, Newbridge, a CaaS, ACD provider, merits a close look. I recently spent some time analyzing Newbridge offer and I was pleasantly surprised. Newbridge does offer both IP phones and PC-based softphone and the ability to connect calls to any PSTN-attached telephone. Further, alternative media like chat is available. The campaign management interfaces are intuitive for anyone that has spent time in a contact center. Campaigns can be inbound or outbound and the set-up time for either is fast. One of the more thoughtful features is the ability to commit numbers to a Do Not Call list. Agents can commit numbers to this list with the click of a button and the system persistently filters these numbers to reduce costly mistakes. This is one advanced feature that shows the depth of the integration that Newbridge can deliver. The agent interface is also intuitive so training cost will be minimal. Agents simply log in and the system starts sending calls to their phone (inbound or outbound). The call disposition feature is easy to use and offers additional insight into the success of each campaign. Newbridge has started off with a sound approach and a sound product offer.

Dean LaGrow
Telecommunications Consulting Expert

Dean with over 17 years experience as a leader in customer care, inside sales and telephony as a Director, and Vice President most recently with a Fortune 500 technology company is currently available for contact center consulting opportunities.
In their server based telephony environment, Newbridge has created a wonderful managed telephony tool I recently spent some time analyzing the Newbridge offer and I was impressed with the ease of use and vast functionality. The current tool works with PC-based softphones and has the ability to connect calls to any PSTN-attached telephone. Future developments will include multiple contact methods such as e-mail, chat, social media, etc. The Newbridge tool is a telephony dream; first, it is a managed service so you do not need a huge piece of equipment that comes with service contracts and additional staff. The base of the system is powerful ACD, as well, it does outbound campaigns through the dialer functionality, IVR, call recording (QM) and call disposition capabilities in the systems database or you can hook into an existing CRM system. All this functionality in a managed environment through one system so integration is not an issue. Additionally, their soft phone receives call-associated data so CTI integration. Currently, workforce management is not part of the solution. Because of the way they built it, integration is an easy hook. The interfaces are simple and easy to make changes no programming skills are required to run inbound or outbound campaigns. If you need to make changes on the fly, it is quick and simple. They have attacked the legal side if protecting their clients by having the ability to load Do Not Call lists. Agents can even add numbers to this list with the click of a button. The system does all the filtering. The agent interface is easy to use so adaption will be at a quick rate. After the agent logs into the system, they starts receiving calls to their phones inbound, outbound or even a blended environment for maximum staff utilization. Call disposition feature limited in the information that it can capture, but it is easy to use. If you are not tracking today, this information will give you better knowledge of the voice of the customer.